Cells for Life has been providing cord blood stem cell collection and storage for over 20 years

At Cells for Life we know that cord banking is an investment in your future, and an investment in your peace of mind.


Online, by phone or in person at any one of our offices or information sessions.

2Obtain your collection kit

The cord blood and cord tissue collection kit must be kept at room temperature at all times. Keep your collection kit with your hospital bag so you don’t forget it!

3In labour

The moment is here; bring your kit with you to the hospital. Upon admission to the hospital notify the staff that you will be collecting your baby’s cord blood and/or cord tissue and follow the “Checklist for Parents” within your collection kit.

4Your baby has arrived

Congratulations! Within 4 hours of your baby’s arrival call Cells for Life and we will arrange the pick-up of your collected cord blood and/or cord tissue with one of our experienced bedside pick-up drivers or a specialized courier.

5Processing, freezing & storage of your stem cells

Your cord blood and/or cord tissue stem cells have arrived at the laboratory and are now being processed and stored using our superior extraction methods.

6Your insurance is
now in the bank

Your cord blood and/or cord tissue has been successfully stored and can be accessed at any time.

Easy Steps for Parents

Frequenty Asked Questions:

  • How is cord blood and cord tissue collected?
  • What if cord blood and cord tissue is not collected at my hospital?
  • Why should I choose Cells for Life?
  • Does Cells for Life operate its own storage facility or lease space in one and in what type of facility are you located?
  • What type of storage tanks do you use?
  • Is cord blood collected before or after the delivery of the placenta?

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I had a great experience with all the staff. They were able to answer all the questions and concerns with regards to cord blood. The whole experience with the collection process was easy and stress free. I would definitely refer to family and friends. I believe you should bank either for yourself or for the public.

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