If you’re pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, you’ve probably heard about the life-saving stem cells found in your baby’s umbilical cord blood.

Cord blood is a precious gift that can only be collected at the birth of your baby, which is why it is important to know your options as early into your pregnancy as possible.

Doing your own research, asking the right questions, and attending webinars and information sessions to better understand the ins and outs of cord blood banking will help you make an informed decision for you, and your family. That being said, if you do change your mind at the hospital, our on-site kits have got you covered.

Cord Blood Collection

So, you’re ready to bank your baby’s cord blood. What happens next?

To celebrate Cord Blood Awareness Month that takes place every July, Consumer Affairs released a short animated video that breaks down the cord blood collection process and makes it easy for expectant parents to understand exactly how the collection of umbilical cord blood works.

Meanwhile in Canada at Cells for Life…

Consumer Affairs produced this video for an American audience and admittedly, we do things a little bit differently on this side of the border. Here are a few noteworthy differences in the cord blood collection process to keep in mind while you watch:

Pack in overnight bag

Our kits are temperature sensitive so don’t leave them in the car with your hospital bag.


Takes place when the cord is clamped, the cord is normally not cut before collection takes place.


We provide bedside pick-up at 40 hospitals, not delivering at one of our bedside pick-up hospitals? Don’t worry we use a medical courier or FedEx to deliver our samples.

Processing & Storage

At Cells for Life, we process and store our samples within a bag, this is a closed system that ensures the sample does not get contaminated by the environment or other cord blood samples stored in the tanks.

Do you have any more questions about the cord blood banking collection process? Drop us an e-mail give us a call at (877) 235-1997 or chat with us through our website. We’re always happy to talk!

2 Responses to “Animated Video Outlines Cord Blood Collection Process”

  1. Kayla

    How much is it to store and how long is the cord blood good for??? Can it be used at anytime of your child’s life span??

    • Cells for Life

      Hi Kayla,

      Stem cells from cord blood have been stored and successfully used after a period of 22 years to date, but our scientific director feels cord blood stem cells can last indefinitely when cryopreserved. As long as the stem cells are stored, the sample will be available for your child.

      Find out more about the pricing to process and store cord blood and/or tissue, check out our pricing calculator:

      To celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we want to give you 50% off your collection kit at registration! Use promo code: EXPERTSFOR20 at checkout!


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