Summer Promo

Summer is without a doubt our favourite season, but the jury is still out on whether it’s the best – or worst time of the year to be pregnant.

On the one hand, summer temperatures allow you to enjoy your growing belly without having to worry about fitting into bulky winter jackets or a closet full of layers.

On the other hand, long runs in the great outdoors, pick-up games of ultimate Frisbee and sipping Margaritas on the patio are things you can’t fully enjoy while pregnant. Thankfully, we’ve got something you can!


Summer Promo! Save 50% on Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection Kits

We’re turning the heat up when it comes to summer savings on cord blood and cord tissue! For the entire month of August, take advantage of our summer promo and receive 50% off cord blood and cord tissue collection kits. Simply use promo code when registeringLabourDay” to access great savings!

Whether you’re in your first or last month of pregnancy, it’s never too soon to invest in your family’s future. The stem cells found in cord blood are known to treat over 80 diseases*, while cord tissue has the potential to treat Arthritis, Diabetes, spinal cord injury and be used in wound care. Cord blood and tissue collection is fast and risk-free to both mom and baby – and with our family friendly pricing, ensuring the best future for your family has never been more affordable than it is today.


Get Labour Day Ready

Whether baby’s due before or after the long weekend, your labour day is fast approaching. With a long checklist of things to do before the arrival of your precious bundle, including prepping the nursery and signing up for a prenatal class (if you haven’t already), we make it easy for you to understand the benefits of banking your child’s cord blood and cord tissue.

We offer free 1 hour information sessions in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. Come speak with a registered nurse and learn more about the benefits of storing your child’s cord blood and cord tissue with Cells for Life. Can’t make it out to an information session? Join us online during one of free 1-hour webinars taking place every month. Because your baby’s future, starts today.

2 Responses to “Summer Promo on Collection Kits!”

  1. Konstantine

    I registered Jul 28th for my kit, can I be included in the promo?
    This is our 3rd child with Cells For Life and we should’ve been penalized for a few days difference

    • Cells for Life

      Hi Konstantine, thanks for reaching out. A representative will be in touch shortly.


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