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As the leading cord blood bank in Canada, Cells for Life is proud to announce its role as a founding member of the Cord Blood Association.

The Cord Blood Association, or the CBA, is a non-profit organization that “promotes the work of the cord blood community for the purpose of saving lives, improving health and changing medicine.”

It was founded following a global conference in 2014, in which industry representatives understood the need for an organization focused solely on cord blood, one that could represent the community in government affairs, for healthcare providers and in public education.

Until that point, advocacy had been left in the hands of multiple stakeholders including patient groups, physician organizations, registries and individual banks, all of whom had differing interests, and all of whom are now welcomed members of the newly formed CBA.

Cord Blood Association: 5 Areas of Focus

In order to fulfil its goal of acting as a strong voice for the cord blood community, the Cord Blood Association established five main areas of focus.

These include: promoting standards and accreditation that lead to quality service; advocating the interests of the cord blood community in legislation, regulation, media relations, and education; expanding the market to better serve consumers; researching and adapting new technologies and therapies; and educating parents, healthcare providers, as well as the general public on issues pertaining to cord blood.

Welcome Message from CBA President

Watch this short video and hear from Joanne Kurtzberg, President of the CBA, as she welcomes new members to the organization and explains the significance of establishing an association committed to the advocacy of cord blood.

Cells for Life is very proud to be part of an association that woks together in the common interest of bringing awareness to the incredible potential of cord blood.

Are you an active member of the cord blood community? Learn more about how you can become a member of the Cord Blood Association today!

Are you an expectant parent or advocate of cord blood? Sign up for the CBA newsletter and receive up to date information from the cord blood community.

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