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It’s official! The very first Cells for Life Twitter Chat has arrived.

How long can you wait before getting an epidural? What should you do when your water breaks? How can I ease pain in labour?

Whether you’re new to the delivery room or a veteran of childbirth, labour is scary. Once you realize that baby’s on its way out – and that you have no control over how – things can to get a little overwhelming, to say the least.


In honour of Labour Day, and to help put your mind at ease, we’re hosting a Twitter Chat to discuss Labour Day Fears.

On hand to answer all your labour-themed questions will be Nurse Leanne, a proud member of the Cells for Life educational team. Equipped with years of experience in labour and delivery, Nurse Leanne has seen it all and is ready to dish!

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Win the Ultimate Newborn Gift Basket

Cord Blood Banking, Gift BoxAll participants in our inaugural Twitter Chat will be entered to win the ultimate newborn gift basket, including loads of goodies to prepare you for your baby’s arrival.

We’ll be revealing contents of the bundle over next few weeks! Curious? Keep an eye on our Facebook feed and follow us on Twitter to see what you and your baby could win, just by joining our chat!

Don’t Sign Up – Just Show Up!

Not only is this chat designed to calm your nerves in anticipation of the big day; it’s meant to be entirely hassle-free.

Don’t worry about signing up or registering for the chat! Just keep an eye open for the #justbreathe hashtag and join in the conversation. Why #justbreathe? Because we’re here to remind you to take your labour one breath at a time. We’ve got you covered.

See you there!

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