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Clinical trials, conducted at Duke University in North Carolina, are in the early phases of observing whether the transfusion of their own cord blood could potentially improve the behaviour of children affected by autism.

A Canadian family from Toronto, have travelled to North Carolina to participate in the trial. When their son Noah Barcolos was two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. After the transfusion, the Barcolos noticed some changes.

“He gets upset. We got more eye contract, interaction, facial expressions,” said Noah’s dad, Michael. “Now he makes the expressions at the right moments,”

While promising, there’s much more to learn about the mechanism of action. It is wonderful to hear about the observed improvements and progress, but we must wait to see how much was directly related to the cord blood infusions. Cells for Life will assist, to the best of our abilities, our clients who wish to participate in this or any other studies.

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