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How is Cord Blood used?

The medical use of cord blood stem cells:

There are two types of transplants:

1. Autologous Transplant

A stem cell transplant using the individual’s own stem cells.

2. Allogenic Transplant

Stem cells donated from another person are transplanted into an individual. If the donor is a family member, he/she is called a related donor. If the donor is from outside the family, he/she is called an unrelated donor.

Regenerative medicine uses both transplant types

Regenerative medicine uses both transplant types

How to find a matching donor:


Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are proteins or markers that are located on the surface of most cells and tissues in the body. Every person has specific HLA markers that recognize which cells belong in the body.


When two people share much of the same HLA, they are referred to as a “match”. Their tissues are immunologically compatible with each other. A child will always be a perfect (100%) match to their own cord blood stem cells.


HLA typing is used to match patients and donors

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