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While challenging for some, there’s no doubt about it—being pregnant in any season is an exciting time. But if you’re lucky enough to be pregnant in winter, there are countless benefits.

So make yourself a cup of hot herbal tea, put your feet up and relax in front of the fire. Here are our top seven ways to make the most of the winter months before baby arrives:

Lend out your services as a personal space heater.

If you normally run on the cold side, pregnancy will change that. The rate at which your pregnant body burns energy is 20 per cent higher than normal, resulting in a warmer temperature. This means that when it comes time to bundle up to go outside, you’ll probably need one less layer. And if you do get too hot, you can just step outside to cool down—an option that doesn’t exist in the summer months.

Best of all, your heat is a gift that you can pass on. So the next time your partner is complaining about being cold, snuggle up—we guarantee that they’ll warm up in no time!

Dress to impress.

Let’s face it—nobody is wearing a crop top in the middle of January. The winter months are meant for leggings and baggy sweaters, making your maternity wear not only comfortable and warm, but surprisingly on-trend.

Relish in the shorter days.

As if we needed another excuse to hibernate during the winter months, growing a little person is the perfect one. The days are shorter, so you can take advantage of the extra dark to get some much-needed shuteye.

Chances are, you social calendar will also be less crammed, so you’ll have more time to relax and take care of all the pre-baby tasks, including registering for Cells for Life umbilical cord banking program.

DIY nursery.

Even if you’re not crafty, there’s no better time than winter to start working on your Pinterest wish list. Break out the glue gun and stencils—your inner artist is about to create the perfect sanctuary for your little one’s sweetest dreams.

Take up a winter sport.

As your baby continues to grow and develop, you’ll want to keep active and in tip-top shape for the delivery room. Try prenatal yoga in front of the fire. Want to turn things up a notch? Try a fitness video targeted to your specific level; from improving your flexibility to developing your core, there’s something for every mommy-to-be.

Dream of warmer weather.

There’s only one greater joy than spending the winter preparing for the arrival of the new addition to your family—and that’s the joy of knowing that your first months with your newborn will be spent outdoors, enjoying the spring sunshine.

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