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Nathan Mumford, whose story was recently shared via the Save the Cord Foundation, is a 3-time cancer survivor and umbilical cord blood transplant recipient.

Diagnosed at age 8 with Hodgkin’s disease, Nathan was given a 40% chance of survival if he underwent rigorous chemotherapy treatment. By Grade 6, doctors were able to inform Nathan’s family that he was officially cancer-free and able to enjoy his youth, much like any other boy his age.

Cancer Strikes Again

Years later, at the age of 24, after finishing his studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Nathan became sick again and was soon diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. He was told this time that his chances of survival, were none.

After being in the hospital for 6 months as he searched for a bone marrow donor, his Oncologist, Dr. Mary Laughlin, suggested he participate in a clinical trial being run in partnership with Dr. Pablo Rubenstein from the National Cord Blood Program, using cord blood to treat leukemia. Nathan received a single cord blood transplant and in 2006 was, once again, declared cancer-free.

A 3-Peat Cancer Survivor!

The years that followed Nathan’s second encounter with cancer were a difficult time for Nathan and his family. Nathan grieved both the loss of his mother in her struggle against breast cancer, and the unexpected passing of his brother who was killed in a fatal shooting shortly after.

One year after getting married in 2013, Nathan was then diagnosed with colon cancer, a secondary disease attributed to extended use of chemotherapy as a treatment to fight earlier forms of cancer.

Thankfully, Nathan’s body was strong enough at this time to fight the cancer using traditional treatments. After a year spent fighting cancer for the third time, Nathan is a 3-peat survivor and has, once again, been pronounced cancer-free.

Following three battles with cancer, Nathan founded the KEM Foundation based in Cleveland, Ohio, which he named after his mother Karen E. Mumford. The foundation focuses on helping cancer patients get the support they need while undergoing difficult treatments in the fight against cancer.

Nathan’s story is an incredible example of the healing properties found within every child’s umbilical cord blood and tissue. Today, cord blood is used routinely to treat over 80 diseases including blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Hear from Nathan Mumford as he shares his story in this short video:

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