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newborn stem cell therapy helps treat 3-year-old

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Researchers have announced that newborn stem cells played a key role in the successful treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) – a rare and often life-threatening disease that causes high blood pressure in the arteries of the lung and often leads to a heart attack. ¹

This major breakthrough in regenerative health research made national news, including a feature in Newsweek.

The story involves a three-year-old girl who was losing her battle with PAH. Her condition was so serious that she was breathless even while resting. A lung transplant was considered in a desperate effort to save her life.²

Instead of surgery, the young patient received an experimental treatment at Hanover Medical School using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from her sister’s umbilical cord tissue.

These MSCs were grown in a petri dish and bathed in a nutrient solution. The solution was then collected and infused into the patient’s heart and lungs over a six-month period.

Initial progress was gradual, but within three months of her treatment the young patient grew 10 centimeters after not having seen any increase in height or weight over the previous year.¹

Today at age six the girl who could once only walk slowly has no limits when it comes to exercise.

MSCs are being widely researched for their ability to help improve organ and tissue damage caused by age, disease, or trauma, and are the focus of many clinical trials for the treatment of lung conditions. ³,

While more research is needed, this exciting treatment is another example of the incredible, life-changing potential of newborn stem cell preservation. Stories like this are why Cells for Life is proud to be your family’s partner for life.


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