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Pregnancy checklistWhen pregnant, the task of preparing for your new baby can seem daunting. At Cells for Life, we advocate organization and pre-planning as a means to reduce stress and ensure that all aspects of your baby’s health are being considered.

Though a very exciting time, birth preparation can be demanding and, at times, overwhelming. In an effort to help you feel as ready as possible for pregnancy, labour and everything that goes along with it, we’ve created this simple pregnancy checklist for you to keep close by.

Pregnancy Checklist

Choose an OB/GYN. Congratulations! You just found out you’re going to be a parent. Your first priority is to schedule a blood test with your family doctor. During your visit, discuss OB/GYN options in your area, and ask for a referral.

Enroll in prenatal classes. Either in-person or online, prenatal classes are an essential resource for meeting expectant parents’ need for education and support. You’ll learn about the common pains during pregnancy, what to expect as your pregnancy progresses, stages of labour, pain relief options, breathing and relaxation skills, post partum, baby care and breastfeeding. At Cells for Life, we recommend completing prenatal courses at least 4-6 weeks prior to your due date. 

Learn about cord blood banking. Umbilical cord blood has life-saving potential, as it can be used later in baby’s life to treat illnesses such as blood diseases and certain cancers. By week 22, Cells for Life encourages new parents to consider cord blood banking. We offer free information sessions to expectant parents, hosted in various locations for your convenience. We also provide cord blood webinars on a regular basis.

Register for baby products. In your second trimester, it’s time to think about baby’s arrival. What do you need, item-wise? Make a list, investigate safe baby products and register for what you need, so that friends and family know which items you’re without. If you plan on banking your baby’s cord blood, add cord blood banking to your registry.

Enroll in newborn courses. Week 30 is the time to prepare for newborn care, with a course like You, Me and Baby Makes 3. This workshop discusses your baby’s milestones from birth to 6 months.

Prepare your hospital bag. At week 37, it’s time to prepare for the big day. Make sure your hospital bag is packed and the hospital route is planned out, so nothing is left behind when you go into labour.

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