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To an outsider, Tommy Bacon and his baby sister Aria may look like any pair of close siblings. But the two have a bond that runs far deeper than most.

When Tommy was just two years old, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia, and the family was told his only chance of survival was a stem cell transplant from a healthy donor.

Following an unsuccessful donor search, a glimmer of hope arrived with the impending birth of a baby sister. The decision to preserve her umbilical cord blood with Cell Care, our Australian sister company, provided the life-changing stem cells required to treat Tommy’s condition.


Today, Tommy is happy, healthy, and cancer-free. The family is now advocating for other parents to store their cord blood in the hopes that it can save other children like Tommy.* As his mother, Kylie, puts it, “[Aria] came into our lives, and she saved his!”

Expecting a child, or have friends or family who are? How about a grandchild?  Enroll with Cells for Life today or refer a friend. When someone you refer preserves with Cells for Life, you’ll receive a cheque or storage credit to fund your storage fees.*

*This story depicts the family’s personal experiences and is not necessarily representative of other’s experiences and cannot predict outcomes for others. Cells for Life cannot and does not guarantee specific results. Your physician or other healthcare providers should be consulted about your particular situation.

*Refer-a-Friend Program: See website for referral terms and conditions.

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