At Cells for Life (CFL), we take great care to respect your privacy.

Who does this policy apply to?

Our privacy policy applies to all individuals who are, or may become, clients of CFL. CFL will protect the confidentiality of information by complying with applicable laws. This also applies with respect to organizations with whom CFL works.

What types of information does CFL collect about you?

In order to collect, process, store and release cord blood and/or cord tissue (cord materials), it is necessary that we collect some personal information. Personal information is defined as data that can be utilized to identify an individual. This personal information may include but is not limited to, your name, age, gender, address, telephone number, email address, health card number, date of birth, blood type, hospital file numbers, CFL registration number, financial data including credit card numbers or banking information that you supply to CFL, medical health history of you and your child/parents (as applicable), medical testing results, birth/delivery information, cord material processing/storage data and your personal preferences.

How is personal information collected?

  • Much of the information that we collect will be/was obtained directly from you or your family members (as applicable). Consent to the collection of information may be express or implied.
  • Information may be obtained from your physician(s), medical lab, birth hospital/staff and any physician/ medical laboratory or hospital that may be involved in the receipt of your child’s cord materials at the time of collection or time of need. When we ask for information about you from third parties we will limit our request to information that is needed and nothing more.
  • If you are a parent, we may collect information from your child directly when he or she has attained at least 18 years of age if we cannot contact you or you no longer wish to pay for continued storage of the cord materials. We do this to provide your child the opportunity to continue the storage of his/her cord materials.

Why does CFL collect, use, and disclose personal information?

  • To establish you as a client
  • To facilitate the collection and use of your child’s cord materials
  • To follow safe medical practices
  • To establish and to maintain ongoing storage of your / your child’s cord materials and to properly provide/ protectthe products and services that you have requested
  • To determine and facilitate your payment of fees to CFL so that we can continue to store your or your child’s cordmaterials
  • To verify your identity and the accuracy of your personal information with your physician(s), medical lab, birthhospital and any physician, medical laboratory or hospital that may be involved in the receipt of your / your child’s sample at the time of need and for the storage of the sample
  • To establish and maintain communications with you
  • To comply with regulations and accreditation standards for cord blood/tissue banking and transplantation/use ofcord materials
  • To comply with the federal or provincial government, court order, and any other applicable law that we arepermitted or required to comply with
  • To notify you of certain products or services offered by us
  • To update you about research and developments involving cord materials
  • To notify you about events that may be of interest to you
  • To investigate any complaints involving CFL
  • To facilitate the release and use of your / your child’s cord materials
  • To confirm the ongoing accuracy of your information

With whom does CFL share your personal information?

  • CFL will treat all information with respect and will not sell personal information without your informed, written consent.
  • CFL may share your personal information with CFL owners/ staff and its professional advisors.
  • Medical information, medical testing results, and sample processing information may be shared with yourphysician(s), government or accreditation inspectors, medical lab, birth hospital/staff if required and any physician/ medical laboratory or hospital that may be involved in the collection/ processing/ storage of your child’s cord materials or in the receipt or use of your / your child’s cord materials in the future.
  • Your name, contact information and the amount of money that you owe CFL, if any, for cord blood/tissue services may be disclosed to a collection agency in order to facilitate payments and ensure continued storage, if desired, by the owner.
  • In any other circumstances, we will share your information only when we have your written consent and will do so only with the intent of protecting your / your child’s cord materials, other samples in our care, or to enhance CFL’s products and services for the purpose of marketing.
  • Your information may be disclosed to third parties if expressly permitted or required by law.
  • Should CFL change ownership in the future, continued adherence to privacy requirements is a legal obligation.How do I consent?

The following actions by you are indications of your consent:

  • Your voluntary provision of personal information directly to CFL or through a physician, medical lab, or hospitalfor the purposes of collecting, processing, storing and releasing your / your child’s cord materials and for thesafety and storage of other samples in our care
  • Your receipt of this privacy policy, until you notify CFL in writing of a withdrawal of this consent. This privacypolicy is also available to you online at
  • Your consent solicited by CFL for a specified purpose
  • Your consent given through your authorized representatives such as a legal guardian, parent, or holder of apower of attorney.

You may request more information about this consent or you may withdraw this consent at any time. Please call Cells for Life at 905 472 0060 or 1-877-235-1997 to do so. In some cases, refusing to provide personal information or withdrawing your consent to this privacy policy may affect CFL’s ability to continue providing ongoing services.

How does CFL protect your personal information?

  • CFL will protect your personal information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. We utilize computer systems that restrict access to personal information.
  • Our physical premises have security safeguards that assist in the prevention of unauthorized access to our facility. These safeguards include locked offices, Key/FOB entrance, alarm system with video surveillance and sign in requirements for visitors to the premises.
  • CFL restricts access to personal information to those employees and contractors that the management of CFL has determined need to know that information in order that CFL may provide services to its clients.
  • We have established procedural requirements and trained our staff to be respectful and to comply with this policy.
  • Your information will be stored in accordance with our record retention policy.
  • We will retain your information only for the time frame that is either
    • required for the purposes as explained to you;
    • as recommended by regulators, accreditation bodies or legal counsel;
    • as required to perform the services of collecting/storing/releasing your / your child’s cord materials; or o as required by law.
  • When we dispose of your personal information we will do so in a secure manner.

Can I review and, if needed, correct my personal information?

  • CFL tries to ensure that any personal information on file is as accurate, correct, and complete as necessary for CFL to run its operations safely and efficiently. Information contained in inactive or closed files is not actively updated or maintained.
  • CFL will allow you to review your information at any time.
  • We ask you to help us ensure that we keep your information current. If you believe that your information isincorrect, please contact us by mail, email us at, call us at (905) 472-0060 or fax us at (905) 472 2185 and we will attempt to amend your files as quickly as possible.
  • If we agree that your record is inaccurate, we will make the appropriate corrections. If we do not agree with youthat your record is inaccurate, we may not make the change that you request. However, we will insert a note into your record that clearly displays your disagreement and request for correction.

Who should you contact if you have a question or concern?

CFL’s Privacy Officer is Leanne Casbourn who can be contacted at or 905-472-0060 ext 222. We investigate all privacy complaints received. If we cannot resolve the matter to your satisfaction it can be escalated to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.