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Stress Management Techniques

Pregnancy can be a blissful time rich with new experiences, sensations, and emotions that enrich your life in a plethora of exciting ways. And yet, it can also be filled with the not-so-pleasant stuff like morning sickness, fatigue, and mood swings. During this...

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What is pregnancy brain?

Have you ever walked into a room immediately forgetting your purpose? Imagine that x 10. Many expecting women report experiencing a pregnancy-induced memory haze causing them to be forgetful. Pregnancy brain, or “Momnesia”, is said to be caused by several different...

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Clinical Trials | Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells

Over the last 20 years, blood stem cells have been the focus of researching the potential to treat many conditions. New emerging research and clinical studies are constantly underway, investigating ways to treat more diseases. Once cord blood and/or tissue is stored...

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More exciting news for stem cells!

Clinical trials, conducted at Duke University in North Carolina, are in the early phases of observing whether the transfusion of their own cord blood could potentially improve the behaviour of children affected by autism. A Canadian family from Toronto, have travelled...

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Discussing Cord Blood and Tissue Banking with an Ob-Gyn

Cord blood and cord tissue banking is our passion! We love talking about it with you - expecting parents and families and sharing why it’s essential for #WhatMattersMost. We also find it especially intriguing and insightful to discuss it with industry professionals....

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Pampering Mom-To-Be

From processing the excitement of pregnancy and the overwhelming uncertainty of labour, to imagining the first few days spent at home with baby – the mind of a new mom is never at rest. As guardian of #WhatMattersMost, she’s busy mentally preparing for the weeks,...

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Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking 101

Cord blood and cord tissue banking – everything you need to know right at your fingertips! Taking care of baby is what matters most as a parent, including their health now and long into the future. In addition to taking your prenatal vitamins, nixing that coffee...

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What Matters Most to Parents: Their Child’s Future

As a parent, or soon-to-be parent #WhatMattersMost when it comes to your child? Chances are that their health and happiness would top your list. That’s where the benefits of cord blood and cord tissue banking come in! It’s peace of mind for your child and their...

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Negotiating Your Way to Baby Name Bliss

Drum roll please! The most popular baby names of 2016 have been released and while none will come as a huge surprise, others may help inspire parents in search of the perfect name. SPOILER ALERT: If you had a baby last year and named them either Liam or Sophia –...

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Delayed Clamping and Cord Blood Collection – You Can Do Both!

As specialists in cord banking, we get a lot of expecting parents asking us whether or not you can safely delay the clamping of the umbilical cord if you plan on storing your baby’s cord blood. The answer is a resounding yes! Not only is it safe, but choosing to both...

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