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CBC recently published a story regarding The Cord Blood Bank of Canada that has no relation to our operations in any way.

Insception and Cells for Life store newborn cells for over 100,000 Canadian families. We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality to our customers.  Cells for Life and Insception have the highest level of accreditation of any family cord bank in the world:

  • Both AABB and FACT accreditation
  • Health Canada licensed (inspected periodically to maintain our license)


  • Because of our size, stability and quality standards, Insception Lifebank and Cells for Life operate partnerships with some of Canada’s most important hospitals and health care institutions:


  • As part of Generate Life Sciences, Insception/Cells for Life form part of the largest cord blood banking group in the world – storing over 1 million cord blood and cord tissue samples across the world. Our operations across multiple continents gives us unparalleled financial strength that underpins our continued innovation and expansion.


  • Our size and scale allows Cells for Life to uniquely engage in newborn stem cell research and clinical trial activity that not only endorses our scientific credibility, but enables our customers access to clinical trials that are exploring the future potential of newborn stem cells. Read more here:

Research and Trials >>

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