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Since 2002, via the Medical Need Program, Cells for Life has extended financial support to expectant parents with a family member currently suffering from a disease that is treatable using cord blood stem cells. Today, Cells for Life is pleased to announce that the Medical Need Program is being renamed the Angel Canadian Sibling Transplant Program, to better reflect the research behind the initiative.

The Angel Canadian Sibling Transplant Program allows those who qualify to receive immediate assistance in order to treat a family member using the umbilical cord blood of the expected newborn. For families in need of cord blood, using genetically related stem cells can increase the chance of success, especially when compared to transplants from an unrelated donor.

About the Angel Canadian Sibling Transplant Program

In order to qualify for the Angel Canadian Sibling Transplant Program, parents must be expecting the birth of a full sibling and the attending transplant physician must support the use of cord blood. Moreover, the disease must be currently treatable by allogeneic stem cell transplantation and the sick individual must be able to use the cord blood sample in a reasonable period of time.

For those who qualify, Cells for Life covers the collection kit, registration, processing as well as the first year of storage, while parents are required to cover shipping fees, medical testing fees and annual storage fees, should the sample go unused within the first year.

Learn more about why banking cord blood and cord tissue is the right decision for you and your family.

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