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From processing the excitement of pregnancy and the overwhelming uncertainty of labour, to imagining the first few days spent at home with baby – the mind of a new mom is never at rest. As guardian of #WhatMattersMost, she’s busy mentally preparing for the weeks, months and years that lay ahead. From baby names and diaper brands to tuition fees and summer camp, the worrying starts now, with no end in sight.

Remind her to cherish the journey
While her mind is running in circles, why not treat mom-to-be to a little pampering and a moment of calm before the big day? Help her find a moment to celebrate the journey, and remind her what an incredible job she’s doing caring for that little miracle inside.

From booking a cottage weekend away to bringing home her favourite kind of ice cream, whether you’re her partner, sibling, parent or friend, there are tons of things you can do to help ease the mind (and body) of an expecting mother. Here are our top three to help get the ball rolling!

Book a prenatal massage
Goodbye stress, hello belly bliss! In lieu of another onesie or book on parenthood, treat mom to an hour of solitude in the form of a prenatal massage. Let her stresses be kneaded out from the inside while helping to relieve back pain and reduce the swelling experienced by many women throughout the last trimester.

Schedule a manicure and pedicure
Once baby makes his or her grand entrance, it’s going to be a while before mom gets to indulge in the luxuries of life before kids. Set mom up for success by treating her to a manicure and pedicure the week before she’s due! Send her into motherhood looking her best and feeling like the beautiful, powerful woman she is.

Maternity Photo Shot
While moms-to-be are busy focusing on baby’s arrival, many forget to capture the 9-months during which they literally grew a tiny human being. That’s where you come in! Schedule a maternity shoot to capture the beauty of mother and child in the days before childbirth. Preserve the memory of days spent cradling a growing stomach and allow her to relive that feeling for years to come.

We believe, cord blood and cord tissue storage is #WhatMattersMost. For peace of mind that every parent deserves, take a moment to find out why storing your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue with Cells for Life may be the perfect fit for your growing family.

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