Spring savings are in full bloom!

This spring, we’re honouring the unconditional love shared between a parent and their child and celebrating #WhatMattersMost!

Parents juggle many roles raising their little one; they are role models, teachers, and cheerleaders ­– parenthood takes sacrifice, commitment and patience.

You undoubtedly have a million and one little things to think about as you prepare to welcome home your little bundle of joy, which is why we’re happy to help you check one more thing off your list.

Now until June 19th, 2017, we’re offering expectant mothers and fathers 50% off our umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue collection kit.

Simply enter the promo code MOMDAD (case sensitive) upon registering to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue banking

From the moment you find out that a baby is on the way, you start worrying about their future, and as a parent, you never, ever stop.

We believe, cord blood and cord tissue storage is #WhatMattersMost. For peace of mind that every parent deserves, take a moment to find out why storing your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue with Cells for Life may be the perfect fit for your growing family.

4 Responses to “Spring Promotion! Celebrating Moms and Dads With Savings on Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection Kits”

  1. florin

    Please give me a rate ( including. The 50% off)for Cord Blood and Tissue collection kit and the annual cost of it

    • kentrygiel

      Hi! Thanks for your inquiry. With our current MOMDAD spring 2017 promotion
      of 50% discount off of the collection kit, the cord blood kit is $70 plus
      tax (regularly $140 per kit) and the cord blood and cord tissue collection
      kit is $82.50 plus tax (regularly $165 per kit). The annual storage for
      cord blood is $125 per year and for cord blood and tissue it is $250 per
      year. For more information on pricing and payment options please visit:

  2. Mylin

    Upon reading further it looks like there is another 1 time fee of $860.00 at birth.
    Does this mean that if we go with the Cord Blood only, this would be our total payment at registration $1064.10 per below calculations?
    Plus yearly Cord blood storage fee of $125 (is there NO tax)?

    Cord blood kit is $70 plus 13% tax (MOMDAD spring 2017 promotion
    of 50% discount off of the collection kit) = $79.10 with tax

    At Birth one-time fee = $860 (is there NO tax)?

    1st Year Cord blood storage Fee = $125 (is there NO tax)


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