To celebrate our LOVE of LOVE, we’re offering soon-to-be parents another chance to save 50% on cord blood and/or cord tissue collection kits!

From now until February 24th, if you register to cord bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood and/or umbilical cord tissue, simply enter coupon code loveforlife and you’ll automatically get 50% off your collection kit (up to $82.50).

Why should you cord bank?

The benefits of saving your baby’s umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue include the ability to treat over 80 diseases, with the potential to treat conditions like arthritis, diabetes and spinal cord injury. The cord blood and tissue you choose to store today are available for use years after the birth of your child.

Don’t discard these precious cells as medical waste. Take the time to learn more about the healing powers found in your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue.

Learn More About Cord Banking

If you’re not familiar with cord blood or cord tissue banking, give yourself a moment to look around our site and discover the benefits of saving your baby’s cord blood and tissue. Don’t worry! We know you don’t have tons of time to dig around so here are a few good reads to get you started:

10 Things You Need to Know About Cord Blood Banking

Animated Video Outlines Cord Blood Collection Process

Everything You Need to Know About Umbilical Cord Tissue 

Cells for Life Launches into Umbilical Cord Tissue Storage

Questions about cord banking with Cells for Life? Give us a call at (877) 235-1997, live chat with us directly on our website, or e-mail us now at

6 Responses to “Valentine’s Day PROMO: Save 50% on Cord Banking Collection Kits!”

  1. Carina

    Hello there, I’mean due March 17th and would like to donate my baby’s cord blood. I realize this isn’t available at all hospitals. I plan on giving birth with a midwife at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. If this isn’t available at this location, would you be able to guide me to the nearest hospital that offers this? Thank you.

    • Cells for Life

      Hi Carina! Thanks for reaching out. We are a private cord blood and cord tissue bank, but if you’re looking to donate at Cambridge Memorial, you should visit, call 905-471-1113 or call 1-888-868-0888 for more information. We hope that helps!

  2. Edgar

    Can you please advise what the cost is for the plan administration, bedside pick up, etc ? What does the $860 birth cost cover?

    • Cells for Life

      Hi Edgar and thanks for reaching out! The $860 rate is a repeat rate. If they are a repeat client, the $860 includes the processing, and blood testing!

  3. sahar

    Hi.I missed your promotion for February 24th. My due date is 20 April Do you think there would be another promotion near my time?

    • Cells for Life

      Hi Sahar! Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately you’re due before our next promo is scheduled to go live! If you’re past your due date, we’ll be at the Baby Time Show in Toronto offering some on-site specials that could be of use! Please feel free to give us a call at 1-(877) 235-1997 and we’d be happy to chat!


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