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From folic acid and stretch mark cream to body pillows and late night snacks, when you’re expecting, you have to expect to budget for more than just baby. Pregnancy can get pricey, but there are ways to reduce costs so you have more money to spend where it really counts.

To help you make your way through your pregnancy without breaking the bank–or sacrificing your style–here are our top five pregnancy hacks.

Extend the shelf life of your pre-baby jeans

Nothing is more frustrating than that grueling day when your favourite pre-baby pants no longer fit – then again, there’s no use crying over tight jeans. Solution? Grab an elastic band and pass it through the hole on one side and around the button on the other, using a figure 8. This will buy you a bit of time until you can get your hands on a belly band! Belly bands are designed to hold your pants snug against your waistline, covering the zipper area and wrapping around the bottom of your pregnant belly, giving you 1-2 added months in your favourite pair of jeans, before it’s (temporarily) time to say goodbye.

Expand your definition of winter wear

Winter coats are expensive. So, if your third trimester falls during the winter months, forget about them! Or at least change your definition of traditional winter wear. If you’re mostly covered but can’t quite zip things up, grab your favourite scarf to cover up the airy bits. After a few months, put aside the woolly fitted winter jacket and invest in a poncho or cape that you can wear during and after pregnancy. Use a belt to create a fitted look until you pop then enjoy a loose fit until baby arrives.

Buy up a size to make room for belly

As your belly grows, there are certain maternity pieces you might not be willing to forego – maternity leggings ranging from $20-$40 should not be one of them. Why invest in a pair of maternity leggings when buying up a size or two in regular leggings will do just fine? If you’re finding the waist sits too high, snip the elastic band for a little extra wiggle room and added comfort.

Skip maternity clothes – go for men’s instead

Start cozying up to your husband, man-friend, best friend or brother, because you’re about to ask if you can borrow their favourite pair of sweats. And quite possible a button down – or two. Men’s clothing is a great alternative to investing in costly maternity wear. It comes in larger sizes and looser fitting styles, and if you’re borrowing clothes from daddy-to-be, it’s a sweet way to stay connected all day long.

Go with the flow!

The easiest way to avoid added expenses throughout each stage of your pregnancy is to invest in flowy or non-fitted tops that will cover your growing bump and keep you comfortable all day long. Pick up pieces you can wear at home or in the office. Empire dresses and loose fitting blouses are both pieces that give you room to grow and can be paired with a cropped down pair of leggings during the colder months.

Are you a mom-to-be entering into your second or third trimester? Here are great tips on How to Make the Most of Your Winter Pregnancy.


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