Cells for Life helped us save our little girl

Jeanette and David Nucifora have three daughters. They were all born at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga. At birth, they chose to save the cord blood stem cells for all three girls.

Watch the video to hear their story.

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I was infused with my daughter’s umbilical cord blood and we just waited every day for the blood to multiply or for my bone marrow to rebuild. The transplant was a cure and I’m now in remission because my bone marrow was replaced with my daughter’s stem cells, which produced a whole new bone marrow. She saved my life!

Patricia Durante – Stem Cell transplant recipient and Leukemia survivor

It’s a good insurance policy. If something does happen to me, or his new brother or sister, than we have this option.

Jamie – On saving her son’s cord blood

We took so long to get pregnant and have a baby and the last thing we wanted to do was put that child’s life in danger. If there’s anything you can do to protect that child, you’re going to do it.

Steve D’Sa – On saving his children’s cord blood

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COVID-19: Early Cord Blood Collection Kit Opportunity

Cells for Life is responding to expectant parents requesting cord blood collection kits be received well in advance of their due dates, and offering early access to our anticipated Baby Show offer.

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